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Light Steel Frame Buildings

Campagna Lupia, Italy

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The open profile structure is part of one of the Modern Construction Methods at the base of which is the revolutionary Light Steel Framing (LSF) process. The process is characterized by the cold bending of thin strips of variable thickness of hot rolled galvanized steel sheets.

The know-how of Immmes and the team of professionals are available to the client to achieve any stylistic desire, leaving the freedom of personalization.
The construction system in Light Steel Frame (LSF) allows architectural and stylistic freedom, leaving ample room to the creativity of the Client and the Architect, thanks to the ease with which steel is combined with other materials, that allows a wide range of choice of design components, both of materials and finishes Precision, speed of construction and low processing costs are other advantages of this innovative construction method, and are possible thanks to the partial off-site assembly and in general the integrated management of the entire production cycle.

Light Steel Frame constructions are considered to be completely respectful of the environment. Steel is a completely recyclable and reusable material, moreover, the precision with which the construction site is managed, from the design phase to that of assembly, avoids the waste of materials. To confirm the sustainability of the construction and the achievement of high energy classes, to complete the structure, many systems can be easily integrated to obtain renewable energy, such as heating systems, heat pumps and photovoltaic panels.

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