Energetic Analysis

IMMMES stays at disposal of your company for the economic analysis of convenience, planning and development of everything which is capable of recovering Energy with high performances or generates Energy with renewable sources, starting from the business plan to the realization of Enel practices, UTF, Terna, ect.

Photovoltaic Plant

The photovoltaic is a sector in which we have a great experience and many installation already done, passing through the geothermic sector, the congregation with endothermic systems, Stirling cycle or, in order to complete the offer, with micro turbine systems.

Standard Scheme Photovoltaic Plant

Technology with sun seeker

This technology, which is particularly developed in IMMMES plants, is dedicated to the photovoltaic plants, as you can deduce from its name, and permits to solar panels to be constantly in the best corner of solar radiation.

As in a big field of sunflowers, your solar panels will constantly watch the sun, giving you the best performance in terms of electrical production.

The sun seeker, as you can see in the pictures, requires a particular planning of the plant and the grouping of the panels in arrays. The investment in the sun seeker has a higher return than the traditional plant.

A practical example: if the traditional plant costs 1000 and has a return of 180 per year, the addition of the sun seeker could require an additional investment of 400, but will bring an additional return of 120, which is simplified in the scheme:

Energy Recovery Plants

We also produce biogas plants, plants with livestock sewage waste and develop energy recovery systems using everything what you consider a “waste” in your activity.

Working Phases

IMMMES support the customers from the very beginning of the planning, collaborating with them for the definition of the economical plans and the eventual economical return (“concept phase”).

The next step is the “building”, which consists in the real project with technical papers, calculation reports, detailed drawings, calculations of estimate and offer and everything needed  in order to protect the client from possible unexpected costs.

We also address to the domestic user, especially for the photovoltaic and geothermic technologies. In the last years they won back trust due to their actual capacity and advantage of the plant. We realize then high tech plants, using the best and innovative products on the market, in order to guarantee long-lasting comfort, wealth and savings.

We realize every phase of the operation directly in our factory, from the initial consultation with our technicians, to the realization and installation of the plant, from the fulfillment of activation procedures to final trial.

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