DTPs – Clean Water Glass

The water treatment system called DTPs uses the same technology of the DTP, especially in regards
to the principles of filtration and Physical-Dynamic separation, and most of all with regards to the
result in the quality of the treated water.
So it is a standard DTP that, for size and accessibility reasons, has been simplified and is suitable for
plants with a lesser water flow.
The DTPs is particularly suitable for the cleaning of water coming from single machines or groups of
machines that share the dirty water collection tank, without giving up the many advantages offered by
the high technology and performances of the DTP system.
The characteristics of the DTPs project makes it easy to install and is suitable for many uses. Like the whole DTP range, the management is
completely automated with no need for an operator.
The DTPs can be expanded with different modules that make it a flexible solution, meeting the different installation and service requirements of the Customer and allowing a direct connection to the CNC and washing machines lines, always under pressure.

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