Behavior Rules

Section I

External relations

1.1 Competition

1.2 Relations

       1.2.1 With external interlocutors

       1.2.2 With clients and customers

       1.2.3 With suppliers

1.3 Environment

Section II

Relations with collaborators

Actualization modality

 0.1 Objectives

The company IMMMES knows that with its work, loyalty and reliability, it contributes to the Italian economy. The company believes in the value of the work and considers legality, honesty and openness essential requirements in order to achieve its economical, productive and social goals.


 0.2 Adoption

This is the code of ethics of our company.

Thanks to this code of ethics the company follows the following rules:

  • behavior rules with external interlocutors, collaborators, the market and the working environment. The company informs them about its internal and external activity and requires it to be respected from all collaborators, consultants and external interlocutors.

  • organization and management rules aimed to the realization of an efficient and operative system for planning and executing all those activities which assure the constant respect of the rules. It also prevent the violation of the rules by any person working or collaborating with the company.

 0.3 Diffusion

The Code of ethics is available to everyone working in the company and is internally widespread.

In our website a copy of the Code is available.

The rules of the Code have to be followed by all collaborators of the company; it checks carefully their conformity and makes all way of information prevention and control available, and eventually intervenes with corrective actions.

 0.4 Upgrade

The Code can be modified through the decision of the board of directors. The control authorities can provide advice and suggestions about the parts which have to be changed or integrated.

Behavior rules

Section I

External relations

1.1 Competition

The company believes in the free and fair business competition and informs its collaborators about the former actions and about the achievement of its results which honor capacity, experience and efficiency.

A proper behavior has to be followed form the company and its collaborators, both in businesses so as with the public administration.

All actions which aim to change the correct and loyal competition are forbidden because they are adverse to the company policy.

The pursuit of the company goals doesn’t justify the default of the rules of the Code by directors and/or collaborators of the company.

The information communicated to third parts about the company and its activities have to be true, clear and verifiable.

1.2 Relations

1.2.1 The relationships of the company with private or public interlocutors have to be arranged under legal requirements and following the principles of correctness, openness and verifiability.

In the specific, the relationships with public employees have to follow the principles and prevision of the D.P.C.M. 28th November 2000 (Code of Conduct of public administrations employee).

It is not permitted any type of present which can in any way seem more than a simple business action or kindness and which can be aimed to obtain favoritisms in the direction of any kind of activity.

The research and instauration of personal relationships and preferential treatments to the public administration employees which can influence or condition, directly or indirectly, the result of the report is forbidden. Furthermore, the offer of goods or other kind of present to representative, officials and employees of public administrations, except for cheap presents with moderate worth which don’t aim to the research to preferential treatments.

The company provides contributions, advantages or other kind of utilities to political parties and trade unions, only under the applicable local regulations.

1.2.2 The company bases its activity on the quality criteria, which is the essential value in order to achieve the complete satisfaction of the clients.

For what concerns the reports with customers and clients, the company assures loyalty and clearness in the business negotiations and in the assumption of contractual restrictions.

In the participation to calls of tender the company values carefully the feasibility of the required services, with particular attention to the technical and economical conditions, to safety and environmental aspects and note, where possible, the anomalies.

The offers will respect precise quality standards, appropriate to the salary levels of the employees, to the safety rules and to the environmental protection.

If the legitimate requests of the company won’t be satisfied by the interlocutor, the company will proceed with the legal disputes.

Any kind of negotiation in which the involved parts can be in conflict of interests has to be avoided.

1.2.3 The rules of the Code and the supervision of the Company affect also the suppliers of the Company, included the financial and consulting contracts.

The Company uses suppliers, contractors or subcontractors which operate under the local regulations and under this Code.


 1.3 Environment

The productive activities of the company are coordinated respecting the local regulations regarding the environment. In the promotion, planning or entrusting the management of products and works the Company makes sure that all investigations, in order to verify possible environmental risks and avoid them, are done.

The company undertakes the spread and the help between all collaborators in the preparation about environmental protection and pollution prevention. It will increase the acknowledgment of risks and support reliable behaviors from all collaborators.

Section II

Relations with collaborators

 2.1 Work

The company believes that a loyal and faithful behavior between all human resources, so the respect between workers and direction, is the fundamental element in every great company,

The company hired every employee with a regular working contract.

The work is developed following the collective labour agreement of the sector and the social security, financial and insurance regulations.

The company provides also educational initiatives for its personnel and facilitates the improvement of their professionalism.

 2.2 Safety and health

The company, in accordance with the law regarding prevention of work related injuries and protection of workers in the working areas, included mobile and temporary building sites, guarantees the physical and moral integrity of its employees, respectable and fair working conditions in safe and healthy working environments.

The company activities happen in technical, organizational and economical conditions in order to assure the adequate prevention to industrial accidents and in an healthy and safe working environment, adapting to the UNI-INAIL lines for the management system of safety and health at work (SGSL) of 28.09.2001.

The company applies itself to spread and strengthen the preparation in terms of safety between all its collaborators and subcontractors, increasing the awareness of risks and supporting responsible behaviors by all its collaborators.


Actualization modality

 3.1 Prevention

The company adapts honesty and transparency respecting the normative of management and planning of the activities with organizational and management measures which can prevent unfair and incorrect behaviors or opposite to the rules of this Code from everyone collaborating with the company.

For what concerns the organizational complexity and the articulation of activities, the company provides the awarding of a task to capable and expert people.

For what concerns the extension of the designated tasks, the company adapts organizational and managerial models which guarantee the execution of the activities following the law and the rules of this Code, avoiding any possible risk.

 3.2 Controls

The company adopts particular conformity control modalities of the behavior of any person which collaborates with the company and their respect of the law and of this Code.

 3.3 Penalties

In accordance with the art. 2104 c.c. every rule of this Code must be followed by every employee of the company. Every violation by the workers involves a non-fulfillment of the principal obligations of the working relationship or a disciplinary offense, with all consequences according to the law.