ANTEAONE is ideal for screen printing and coloring plants. It ‘a system  dedicated to the treatment of water contaminated by paints normally from the cleaning of the frames of the press. It allows the creation of a closed circuit through recovery of the dirty water and the accumulation of clean water for subsequent reuse.
This plant is supplied already mounted on a suitable skid which makes it easy to install and adaptability to various work situations, as well as simple and economical its transportation.

Recovery and reuse of washing water
• Minimum volume of residual sludge
Reduction of disposal costs
• Minimum energy consumption
• Minimal amount of space
• Low costs for powder reagents
• Low water replenishing
Minimal environmental impact
• Low maintenance costs

Hopper for storage of powder reagents
Reactor for the mixing of the reagent activating the flocculation process
• Belt filtering system that frees the water from the painting clumps
• Stock of treated water for re-use in the washing processes
• Cochlea-shaped doser for the reagent that activates the flocculation process


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